What T-Style is?

The exclusive location for T-Style is Doorwerth Castle. This castle is possibly the oldest in our province. Doorwerth is a small village not far from Arnhem.

We couldn’t be more proud and happy to keep our party on this location. We feel very welcome.

In the castle…..but also in the hotel where lots of our guests will stay, Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth.

At T-Style, our guests want a nice evening out as a woman and meet other “women” just like their selves. To be a woman with class and style, it takes a lot more then just putting on women’s clothing.

We don’t believe in dresscodes, but we love to see you at your very best. We also believe that the people visiting our party, are people with high standards. You pay attention for your hair and make-up and of course, keep hairy bodyparts hidden. This, combined with the clothes you’ve finally choosen, you feel like a princess.

You can wear a beautiful evening-dress, cocktail-dress, 2 piece suit, etc. It has to be classy……not casual.

Do you have to be pretty? No you don’t have to be pretty. But you’ve done everything to feel like a princess. We want to give you a party with class and dignity, and we ask our guests to be classy and distinguished.

Not very handy in doing your own make-up? You can book our make-up artist Lilian. She can do your make-up before dinner or after, depending if you want to use dinner or not.

Your partner (m/f), relatives, colleagues, your lover, everybody is welcome! As long as they are accompanying you!

Are you a man alone and want to visit our party.......we are so sorry....We can not accept you as one of our guests when your name is not on our guestlist, together with a lady.

With this english chapter on our website, we want to open our doors for transgenders from abroad or who don’t speak dutch. A lot of our guests love to meet girls from other countries!

The dinner we can present our guests, is a dinner with high standards, served and used in a very special surrounding. It starts at 18.15h and ends at 20.30h. The party starts at 20.45h and lasts until 01.30h.

We work with a guestlist. If you want to join our party you can send an email to Inschrijving@tstyle.nl . About 6 weeks before the party, everyone on the list will receive a request for payment.

If you want to stay in an hotel nearby, we do recommend Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth. If you call them and mention the name of our party, you will receive a nice price for your room. Our event is an important source of income for the hotel, so we were able te make a deal….

Ps. A little scared? Thats understandable. But remember that all of our guests once took this step and all regret not taking this step earlier in their lives.